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Internships & Workshops

Our Internships are collective and immersive,

over a period of 3 days in the middle of nature.

Accommodation in bed and breakfast.

Workshops of 1, 2 or 3 hours are also proposed for guests passing through tourist accommodation.

Discovery of Art therapy / Sharing of practices.

Art therapy, what is it ? 3 days of immersion to find out.

We will move from theory (not too much!) to experiential workshops (a lot!), to become familiar with Art Therapy, to understand its mechanisms, but above all to discover Self and Being more, or even feel your wings grow, in this singular process.

Internships for sharing practices are open to art therapists in activity, newly or confirmed.

Isn't theory the result of experience ?

Ask informations.

Photographic workshops.

Go on a mop to capture images that speak to you, or on the spot, to invent stories through images, so many moments to apprehend his case, but also to tame his feelings.

Revision of the technical bases if necessary or desired, but above all practice, during various photographic workshops with meaning, are offered to see the photo differently. To be photographed, to photograph the other. The image of oneself, the gaze of the other... See the frame in a landscape. Define your intentions before making an image, become familiar with the pictorial language.

Silver workshops possible, if enough people.

Ask informations.

Vegetable dyeing workshop / Plant graphics “Monotype“.

Nature holds many secrets, and in particular that of putting colors in life!

During experiential workshops, you will discover the plants that tint, their particularities, how to combine them...

You will experiment on the spot, make mixtures, juggle with fabrics and colors, to succeed in obtaining what you want to see born before your eyes, such as colors, patterns, objects.

You will leave with a creation that you will have the pleasure of having made yourself.

Ask informations.

Creative workshops.

We are all creative, but the biggest censorship is often self-censorship !

So, let's go !

Various meaningful workshops are offered to stimulate your creativity and push your limits. Sculpting roots, drawing with music, painting intuitively, writing games, modeling with eyes closed...

Listen to your heart and your intuitions, you won't believe your hands!

Ask informations

reportage photo dans les champs
Discovery of energies.

Everything is energy! Plants, minerals, air, us, the Living!

By relying on the energy that circulates in plants, with the help of an incredible little machine, we will discover our own, those of the collective.

We will become familiar with the energy that flows through our fingers and hands, our body.

We will practice solo, in duo or in group, during shared moments to connect to our feelings, to the earth, and to the cosmos.

We also can propose you an individuel energy healing session, with “the music of the plants“.

Ask informations.

Word group.

Taking to exchange and share is a luxury that we must continue to cherish!

In all benevolence, we will cross subjects that concern us, delight us, build us or amaze us. We will all come out of it grown up.

Even if it is not very pleasant for the Ego, we are only the result of our encounters... So, let's open up the possibilities...!

Ask informations.

Retreats / Artist residencies.

Take time for yourself!

Opening our place to live silent moments, of introspection, of retreat, of calm, seemed obvious to us, when we felt fullness, inner calm and benevolence.

Coming back (Y revenir...) for a creativity time, writing, music, painting, (...), within the framework of a personal or collective artistic project.

Many nooks and crannies will allow you to read, stroll, reflect, contemplate, write a book, meditate... with mutual benevolence and respect for the silence of others.

Of course, exchanges will be welcome, if they arise from shared desires.

Ask informations.

notre four à pain
Bake bread over a wood fire.

Good as good bread!

Who hasn't closed their eyes with happiness, feeling the crispy golden crust of a hot bread straight out of the oven...?!

During workshops, we will go through different moments, from the production of the sourdough, to the work of the dough, and its different ingredients. Then, from baking to tasting our bread!

You will of course leave with Your bread, which you will introduce to your loved ones.

Ask informations.

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