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Art therapy

Take back your word in hands to find your way again.

Choosing the path of art therapy...

... It is to seek to retrace your own steps.

By relying on the stimulation of the creative abilities of everyone, adult or child, art therapy is a method which makes it possible to create favorable conditions for overcoming temporary or deeper difficulties, to anticipate changes, a source of stress. or anxieties, in private or professional life.


“We are all made of shadow and light.

Sometimes the shade is longer, when the sun is lower...
Without wanting, in vain, to remove the shadow, art therapy can help to tame it, to make it shorter, by bringing the sun closer to the zenith...“

Art therapy is for every ONE.

We can all do an act of creation, without necessarily making a work of art.

As long as there is life, there is creation... And vice versa...

You don't need to be an artist or have artistic abilities to access art therapy. We are not in a drawing class, or any other artistic expression whatsoever.

“Art“, here, is understood in its first meaning, of Latin origin: “Ars“: to do with.

The created object is not there to be necessarily admired, it is a support to open the way to speech and resolve the evils. Return to language, passing through the imagination and creativity.

It is therefore a matter of creative mediation, which will help to (re)place the individual as the actor of his choices, as the author of his words. The created object is a pre-text. It is therefore good to do with your own means.

Be yourself, every one else is taken“ (Oscar Wilde).

Art therapy, at every moment of life.

We can always get better, and be more".

Art therapy makes it possible to fight against the different sources of suffering, and to bring well-being to everyone and at all stages of life:


When the children have communication disorders, self-confidence, unstable behavior, school difficulties, ...

> When the teenagers have difficulty asserting their personality, overcoming the various family relationships, friendships, etc.

> When some people suffer from expression disorders, and self-confidence, which can alter relationships with others.

> When some suffer from exclusion, difference, or a handicap.

> When people have problems related to anxiety, stress, depression, emotional management...

> When some suffer from a lack of drive, envy, daily interest or isolation.

> When some people want support, accompaniment, listening during a difficult period in life, announced or unforeseen (examination, divorce, new professional orientation, bereavement, etc.).

> Finally, when people have the feeling of having lost their own trace.


“EACH his own imagination.
Everyone has their ailments.Everyone has their word.
No one other than yourself can express your own creativity better than yourself.
So anything is possible!“


The Art-therapeutic space is rich in a multitude of tools, techniques to be able to respond to the emergence of the singular spark which animates the subject, and which only asks to be stimulated.

Art therapy, with any type of support.

“The mediation that speaks to us is the one that will promote our speech.“

Art therapy is not limited to a precise practice or, as we too often imagine, to drawing, painting, modeling...

The mediation that will “work” is not predefined, nor included in a catalog.
It is not the art therapist who comes to the subject with his know-how.
It is the individual, guided by the therapist, who will direct himself towards the mediation which will speak to him best, in the magic instant of an emergence.

Thus, with the art therapist, the subject will advance on his own path, relying on all the possible mediations already mentioned, but also on photography, video, role-playing, music, writing, the sculpture,
land-art, oral expression, tinkering with various objects, puppets, clowning, tricks and gizmos,...
But above all, the one that will speak to him best, and everything that we will invent together.

Who am I ?
Like you,
a human...

DENIS DEFARGES: CNCP certified art therapist // Coach
(National Commission for Professional Certification).

- Art-Therapist, RNCP certified.

- Coach Métanature © / Validated by the University of Cergy-Pontoise.

- Consultant in companies within the framework of the prevention of Psycho-Social Risks (RPS), and the quality of life at work (QVT).

- Member of the Professional League of Art-Therapy (Dordogne). 

- Author, designer, photographer, painter, director.

- Author of a research paper on the possibility of transposing art-therapeutic methods into the business world:

“When the company locks itself in; art therapy as a can opener“.

- Author of a book on art therapy for training center:

“Journal 2 bords, Art-therapy and theoretical reflections“


> Listed in the Therapists Directory:

Psychotherapists in FOULEIX - 24380 - Dordogne.



+33 (0) 6 75 41 92 29

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Denis Defarges / Art therapist 

produced by the AT.RRD. Collective.

Professional background //

My professional practice is based on nearly 15 years of experience as a team manager in the communication professions, in contact with people in large national and international companies.
Photographer, artistic director, associate creative director, designer, author, director, are the professions that I exercised with passion, for more than 20 years.
As an art therapist, I put, today, my creativity at the service of that of others, since 2011.


Training //

-Level II Professional Art Therapy Certificate.(validated by the Ministry of Apprenticeship and Vocational Training. Equivalence Master. Obtained at Profac - Arles).

- Metanature © Coach Certificate - Method based on the metaphorical language of Nature.

- BTS in visual communication (equivalence VAE).

- Apprenticeship master for training in visual communication.

- DEUG in APS Sciences and Techniques - Paris V
(Human sciences, social psychology, genetic psychology, philosophy, anatomy, physiology).

- BAC B (economic and social sciences).

Art therapy does not in any way allow a diagnosis to be made, nor does it claim to treat a pathology, nor does it authorize any interpretation of creative productions and respects, in the first place, the freedom of expression of the subject.

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