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Y revenir..

La Blanquerie is a 17th century building.

This old and beautiful lady deserves much respect and attention.

A little history...

The word Blanquerie appears around the 15th century and means Laundry. Either, the place where we whiten canvases, wax, linen... (Etymology: To whiten).

Blancherie, synonymous with laundry, is the “Name that the customs tariff of Lyon gave to the skins of sheep, lamb and others passed in white“ (1842).

By extension, Blanqueria, in Spanish, gives several meanings:  Fabrics (Las blanquerias), sheepskin, or bedding. Blanqueria, is also said for bleach, which whitens.

So, was La Blanquerie a laundry or a laundromat, we are still working to make it a place of healing, where you will surely find original light and purity. Immaculate whiteness. ;+)

Our space.

Within this old building, with thick walls of old stones, telling us so many stories,we enjoy a large private courtyard, just like you, to allow us to be outside, at home, without disturbing you in the calm of your stays.

These two courtyards communicate by a door which can be opened generously, during a dinner or a lunch at the table d'hôtes, if you wish.

Chill corners.

A saving shade of midsummer, or a slightly fresh spring breeze will rock you in moments of return to Self, to live in slow motion.

Feel under your body the wicker of the deckchairs creak slightly, or you feel yourself sinking into a soft cushion...

Feel the sway of a welcoming hammock under the light wind, or jump at the furtive sound of the flight of a passing bee...

Let yourself go, let go, it's time...

Nos arbres fruitiers
The garden and the fruit trees.

A big place is left to our brothers the trees!

A little spring walk carried by the scent of the flowers of our fruit trees, or a summer break in the shade of a cherry tree weighed down by its branches bursting with very red cherries, within easy reach, will surely delight you.

You can pick cherries, apples, plums, Mirabelle plums, kiwis, walnuts, hazelnuts or figs, depending on the season.

Our dishes and gift baskets are often generously garnished with it.

The community table.

What could be better than a round table to share and bring together..!

In the shared outdoor space, reserved for the tenants of the guest rooms, you will find a space to exchange with visitors, share a collective meal, or play board games.

In one of the corners of the courtyard, this small family table will welcome you with kindness.

Jane, notre amie
The relaxation area.

It even seems that one day, the time has come to rest there.

In this same space, you can stroll, in spaces in the shade of kiwi or wisteria, and take a break.

Large armchairs or deckchairs will generously open you their armrests, for an unlimited time.

Jane is waiting for you there to take a nap.

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