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Our Rooms & Spaces

All our rooms are independent and have access to a private bathroom and toilet, as well as a private living room and kitchen.

We can offer you catering on request, at the table d'hôtes or à la carte.

Room “Ailleurs...“ 
(Means : Somewhere else)

When you want to leave, you have to start by imagining a “Ailleurs...“.


Charming and large room for 2 people.

Large decorative fireplace. Shower room and separate toilets.

Living room and kitchen shared with the room “En face”.


Possibility of privatizing the whole (contact us).

High season: €140.00 / Low season: €120.00

Room “En face...“ 
(Means : In front)

Why go so far, when everything can be right “En face“...


Small room for 2 or 4 people.

Bed for 2 people on the mezzanine.

Shower room and separate toilets.

Small living room and kitchen shared with the room “Ailleurs“.



Possibility of privatizing the whole (contact us).

High season: €130.00 / Low season: €110.00

Rooms “Quelque part...“
(Means : Somewhere)

When faced with too many choices, you have to start with “Quelque part...“!


Bedroom “L'Autre côté“ is for 2 people + 2 children.

Shower room and separate toilets.

Also, a large living room and a large kitchen are to be shared.

RATES/NIGHT // To come.

  coming soon  

Bedroom “Par Là...“ 
(Means : Over there)

When you hesitate between several directions, you might as well go “Par là“!


Large bedroom for 2 people + 1 child, on the mezzanine.

Bathroom, separate toilet. Living room and kitchen.

Small terrace private and garden access from the back.


Possibility of privatizing the whole (contact us).

High season: €150.00 / Low season: €130.00

The spaces “Là-Bas...“
(Means : Down there)

When you need air, rather go “Là-Bas“!


2 tents for 2 people.

Dry toilets.

RATES/NIGHT // To come

The space “Plus haut...“
(Means : Higher)

When you feel lighter, you can fly even “Plus Haut“!


1 tent for 2 people, in the trees.

Dry toilets.

RATES/NIGHT // To come

   coming soon   

The space “Pas si loin...“
(Means : Not so far)

When you want to escape, it's “Pas si loin“!


A space to find yourself alone to read or daydream, or in small groups, during creative workshops, discussions, or exchange groups, or to listen to music.


Usable space according to the schedule of workshops.

The “Vieux copain*...“
(Means : Old friend*)

What could be better than a vegetable garden, to chat with an “Vieux copain*“!


Our mandala vegetable garden, designed by Filou, will cradle your gourmet desires and your most poetic dreams.

A magical vegetable garden where you can watch the plants grow, remaking the world.


Gourmet baskets are proposed to you, in our shop, according to the seasons.

(*This is a joke not really easy to translate. You'll just have to ask us when you'll come, we'll explain to you...!!)

The “Big bath...“

Jump into “The big bath“, and not to be afraid, except to get wet!


A swimming pool* of 5 x 10m will welcome you and carry you in its arms of pure waves.

You can bask in the sun, or let yourself be lulled by the benevolent and soothing shade of the fruit trees.

A superb view, will guide your eyes even further...

*The swimming pool is protected by a containing barrier, closed by a padlock.

Children are the responsibility of parents.

Spaces “Plus loin...“
(Means : Further)

It is when we look ahead that we can go “Plus Loin...“!


To go further, let yourself be guided in a poetic wandering full of surprises.

Small rest areas and corners to chill will accompany your desires elsewhere, during a discussion for two or a solitary introspection.

And lots of little magical places to discover, here and there...

Y revenir... is a place where everyone can find what corresponds to their desires, dreams or inspirations.

A place full of little nooks and crannies to read, contemplate, take a nap, play bowls, stroll, create, discuss, and even do nothing...

And, perhaps, dream of Y revenir...

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