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Energy healing.

Listening Massages,
Soothing Massages, with the Music of the Plants.

Re-harmonize the living!

Everything is Energy!

Plants, minerals, air, water, fire, earth, the universe, us, the Living!

I realized that by receiving my patients in art therapy, I had information about them, their life, their context.

Words, sentences, images came to me that could help them.

So I became interested in understanding and feeling how I could deepen these feelings. I then opened up and trained in the practice of energy healing.

I followed for a year, the training “Ecoute Hollistique Sensitive“ (EHS) (Sensitive Holistic Listening) led by Carole Elimiah and Claudine Grellier, at La Bergerie des Bois, in Messac, Brittany.

I completed this training with Denis Sanchez, who in turn became a trainer of this beautiful method, and validated the first level which allows you to practice, with the obtaining of a learning certificate - Level 1.

EHS energy healing is for each ONE.
EHS energy healing.

Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® energy treatments are offered from birth and safely adapted to pregnant women. Children up to adolescence are received in consultation in the presence of at least one of the parents. From adolescence, he can choose to be received individually.

What is Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® energy care for?

- Put in motion the fundamental energy of life.

- Regain your vitality, your abundance, your well-being.

- Release karmic memories and transgenerational links.

- Cleanse the psychic, spiritual and emotional impacts on the physical body (EHS® specificity).​

Individual consultations.

- Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® energy treatments.

- Listening Massages.

- Soothing Massages.

During an Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® energy treatment session, you are listened to in your quantum, psychic, emotional and physical expression. 

You then receive support in line with the real needs expressed.

It is above all a meeting with yourself, allowing you to refocus, re-harmonize your energy circulation, to find solutions to feel yourself more.

Process of an EHS energy treatment.

A Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® consultation lasts a minimum of 2 hours.

(To be expected when you come).


It is divided into different phases:


- Reception phase of a few minutes, to settle down.

- Verbalization phase to allow you to express your needs, explain your problem. The Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® therapist listens to words and ailments, listens to the emotional body, what the person does not say: the message of your deep being...

- Phase of the Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® energy treatment on the table (the person remains fully clothed).

- Integration phase.

- Review of the session.

During the energy treatment phase, the Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® therapist is guided and systematically performs, at each session, an anchoring treatment, an energy re-harmonization of the subtle bodies and a reactivation of the organs concerned in the body. physical. Then, depending on the problem being treated, different specific energy treatments can take place during the session: etheric surgery, release of hold, messages from the ancestors, etc.


A Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® energy healing consultation is a real soul-to-soul connection between the therapist and the consultant, who will work to solve the problem of the moment, of his consultant.

Ethics and commitments.

The commitments of the “Ecoute Holistique Sensitive®” therapist:


- Non-judgment.


- Unconditional love.


Discover here the ethical charter of the Listening Holistic Sensitive® therapist.

Rates and making an appointment for a Ecoute Holistique Sensitive® energy treatment consultation

Financial participation : 80 €. In case of financial problems, do not hesitate to contact me to talk about it.


A brand new energy care with the Music of Plants !

In this treatment, I suggest that you harmonize your energy with that of the Plants. 

Nature, which carries within it the energy of life and healing, will help you to energize your vital energy. The sweetness of the rose bush, the relaxation of the hawthorn, or the strength of the fern, for example, will be able to provide you with what you need.

Connected to the plant, let yourself be carried away by its healing energy.

Guided by the music of your energy and that of the plants, let yourself be carried away by a powerful treatment, out of the ordinary, and yet so soft and natural.

Information and reservations:

Denis Defarges /06 75 41 92 29

find me on : Find a Therapist  or see this short video.


Process of a care with the Music of Plants.

The treatment takes place in 4 phases and lasts approximately 2 hours.

Plan it during your appointment.


1/ First you enter, in my space, where the plant is already playing waiting for you.

By entering, without realizing it, the plant harmonizes directly with you, knowing from the outset what is to be healed in you. Then, we discuss a little about your intentions, the time that it takes..

2/ Then, I invite you to lie down on the massage table.

This is when I connect you to the plant, with the contactors I invented. A great moment of harmonization and unification. The sound you hear at this time is your music harmonized to that of the plant. You stay about 15 minutes lying down, at the beginning of the meditative journey, with the plant.

3/ The sound of a Tibetan bowl tells you that I am entering your energy field.

As I review your energy centers with my hands, I sense if you have any energy flow points that need attention. Then, I practice a very soft and slow massage, where your body needs it.

This time is always done with the accompaniment of the plants.

4/ During the last stage, I leave you again with your music and that of the plant to take full advantage of this beautiful energy.

After verifying that your vital energy circulation is smooth, lately is 100% time for you, and your music. It's generally a beautiful symphony, because the plant and you are in an absolutely marvelous fluidity.

Feel the energy of plants, listening to their music...!

Cherry tree


Pear tree

Soins avec la Musique des Plantes
Who am I ?
Like you, a living being.

DENIS DEFARGES: Energetician.

- Energetician - Sensitive Holistic Listening®.

- Work with the energies of plants.

- Art-Therapist, RNCP certified.
- Coach Métanature © / Validated by the University of Cergy-Pontoise.
- Author, designer, photographer, painter, director.
- Consultant in companies within the framework of the prevention of Psycho-Social Risks, in partnership with the firm AlteRHego.
- Member of the scientific committee of the Professional League of Art-Therapy.
- Author of a research thesis on “the possibility of transposing art-therapeutic methods into the business world“.

- Author of a book on art therapy for a training center.



+33 (0) 6 75 41 92 29

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