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A Blog for those who have already come, or who dream of “Y revenir“...

Our “Re-connection to the Living” stays, for your greatest good !

COME AND LIVE THE EXPERIENCE OF A RE-CONNECTION TO YOUR EMOTIONS AND TO NATURE! Re-connection to your emotions, to those of others, to our relationship with nature. Re-connection to his needs, his desires… Aren't the autumn and winter seasons the periods during which the sap returns to the heart of the trees and plants, to prepare for the magnificent rebirth of spring...? It's the same for us. These dark or cold periods are conducive to refocusing, introspection, returning to oneself, to find one's inner light and warmth, to prepare for a new rebound. Our stays are also part of the field of social ecology. That is to say that we take into account ecology in the sense of “taking care of nature, but also including human beings and social relations”. The more fluid our connection with nature and with our inner Being, the more active and respectful our relationships with others will be. It is a whole, in motion. We are nature. We are the living! STAYS AT YOUR RHYTHM! And, because this journey is a story of feelings, format your stays when and how you feel!

WEEKEND / 2 NIGHTS // ACCOMMODATION + 3 WORKSHOPS (and/or treatments) + MEAL INCLUDED / 300€ / PERSON* / Min. 2 people / Max.9 people [Additional night: €50 / Additional treatment or individual session: €50] * offer valid throughout the autumn and winter period. 1. YOU CHOOSE YOUR DATES : School holidays, off season, ... 2. YOU CHOOSE YOUR GROUP : Family, friends, colleagues, … Min. 2 people / Max.9 people 3. YOU CHOOSE YOUR WORKSHOPS* : “Creative*” workshops or “personal development**” workshops, in groups.

*Individual support sessions are possible // coaching / Art therapy, treatments, energy massages with the music of plants.

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