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A Blog for those who have already come, or who dream of “Y revenir“...

Long Life autumn !

Summer is gone, autumn is here. The energy of nature returns within.

There is calm, the colors change, the leaves fall and a new cycle begins. but the Blanquerie is still there. Welcoming, generous, open. Ready to welcome you again. At the cornerof the stove, warm, nestled in the cushions of a cocooning sofa, you can read, discuss, exchange while imagining this gourmet meal that weare preparing for you later. Add a log, if you want, it's cooler outside and you're comfortable inside.

Tomorrow, the weather forecast is predicting good weather, and a short walk in this nature, whose orange tones will transport you to the paintings of the Impressionists, will do you the greatest good. The clean air regenerates your cells and the trees accompany you in this appeasement. Then, at the end of the afternoon, a workshop awaits you, or an energy treatment, for your greatest good, in an atmosphere of gentleness and kindness.

We offer you fall and winter formulas, to tune you with the energy of your body which needs rest, introspection, return to Self, just like nature. It's time to find your own desires, to refocus, to reconnect with your emotions, with what makes us vibrate.

See you soon...!

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